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A night of artists/companies/humans bringing forth what they do, why they do it, and (maybe) why you should contribute to their success!

Communi-Tea, August 2019, raised $2,000!

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Art is necessary, and money is powerful. Money, nowadays, should support people and environments that need it. I have a place to live, food to eat, and a life to enjoy, I'm not in need of extra money. So when I came to terms with the fact that if I wanted to tell this story, this film I've been working on, I would need a whole lot of money, I was resistant.

It felt wrong to work for excess money all to the benefit of my own art, no matter how progressive I try to make it.

I'm still not entirely at peace with it, but if I'm going forward then I'm going to bring others with me.

CommuniTea's goal is to bring artists together to thrive under the toughest burden of our industry: the need for cash.

This is a smorgasbord of artists/companies who are either looking to raise funds for their project or for a space to show their project. We've got short film showings, short performances, and presentations on why this money is being raised.  Audience will be setup proscenium style facing the projector screen, there will be an MC, and artists will have 15 minutes to present whatever they so choose. We're aiming for 6 artists/companies to present.

I'm hosting this event because I'm currently raising money for a project and it feels wrong to ask for so much (my goal is $3000) without giving something back. So CommuniTea is my attempt to spread the wealth, help others get a little while I also get what I need. Tickets will be $5-15to pay for the space, wine has been donated, and we'll have poster boards displaying other artist/projects/companies who we weren't able to make space for performance wise and how to support them.


We also plan on filming the presentations to carry the fundraising goal to social media. It's my first time spearheading an event this big, it'll be a comfort to do it at the Artist Co-op.


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The Artist Co-op is a coworking space for artists, uniting New York City’s actors directors, dancers, playwrights, and more, with programs and services to support the performing arts community.

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